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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is Excell Education?

Answer – Excelleducation.in is an online Educational Platform for
Preparation of CA Classes are available in Google Drive/Pen
Drive modes throughout India. We are dedicated to provide pre-
recorded lectures of these courses at your home. These lectures
can be viewed as per your choice 24×7, anytime anywhere.
We have best Professors/Faculties who are the most reputed
from across India. We assure our website visitors/customers a
friendly & reliable service.

2.Do Videos Work On All Devices?

Answer – Videos work only on Android Mobile phones and
Windows laptop with configuration 4GB RAM and 1GB graphic

3.Where Will I Be Able To See The Validity and Views?

 After activation views and validity will show on your
screen during the lectures

4.Can I RECORD Classes?

No, you cannot take a screenshot of the Video player, if
your account has been observed taking screenshots

5.On How Many Devices Can I Play The Videos At A Single Point
Of Time?

Answer – Classes will be activated only on one device with one
Activation Key at the time of download. Later on device could not
be changed. If reactivation need arises in special cases, charges
to be given by the student.

6.Will The Videos Be Available On Bigger Screens Like PC, And

Answer – Due to security concerns, we won’t be able to provide
big-screen access to videos. They will be accessible only on
Android and Laptop devices.

7. How Can I Solve My Doubts?

Answer – You may contact the course faculty via telegram or

8. Can I Pay The Fee In Installments?

Answer – No, Full Payment will be accepted

9. Can I Watch The Videos Offline?

Answer – Internet connection is required only at the time of
classes activation. Later on, videos could be watched offline.

10. Does Increasing The Watch Speed Of A Video Affect Views?

Answer – While watching videos, only play time would be counted
irrespective of your speed.

11. Are The Books Available For All The Subjects?

Answer – Yes, you will get Books for all the subjects once
purchase the video lecture.

12. Do I Need To Pay Extra For Books.

Answer – Books are FREE along with the lectures. So, you need
not pay any extra amount for it separately.

13. Will Books Be Shipped Outside India?

Answer – Excell Education provides educational services only in

14. When Will The Books Be Delivered?

Answer – Depending on location of the delivery of package, you
may expect arrival within 7-10 days of subject purchase.
Please understand that the dates you choose are only your
dispatch dates. You will get a tracking ID within that time. Expect
the delivery within 7-10 days from dispatch.

15. Is The COD Option Available For Purchasing Books?

Answer – No, you need to make an online payment for your

16. Can I Purchase LECTURES Without Books?

Answer – No, you cannot exercise this option. The package
includes books and lectures.

17. Can I Share My Subscription?

Answer – No, you cannot share your subscription. The videos
cannot be played on two devices simultaneously. Thus, sharing
won’t be possible.

18. Is The Price Inclusive Of Tax?

Answer – Yes, all plan prices are inclusive of taxes.

19. Is there any scope to make alterations to the validity and
views after purchase?

Answer – No, there is no such arrangement available.

20. What Will Happen with My Classes If My Device Gets Update

Answer – This is considered to be a special case. If any such
need arises, reactivation will be done on the same device after
payment of some charges by the student.

21. What Is The Refund Policy?

Answer – All purchases will be final and no refund request will be
entertained under any circumstances.